Located in the countyside an hour north of Los Angeles, Hell's Half Acre is a full service recording studio created by R.I.A.A. Gold accredited producer Steve Kravac (Pepper, MXPX, Less Than Jake). Steve has spent the last 25 years making great records and his know-how and experience are second to none.

The Hell's Half Acre design was created to emphasize streamlined work flow and powerful results. Steve's vision, attention to detail and nurturing persona make him an ideal partner for artists who seek to push themselves beyond their expectations and achieve personal growth, in addition to professional results. Steve's bio is available here

Close enough to L.A. to get business done but far away enough to tune out distractions, Hell's Half Acre pairs top of the line digital technology with the vintage front end elements that discerning musicians have come to expect from a great studio. Our 'Equipment' page high-lights the studio's gear, from our great mic collection to the Soundcraft 6000 mixing console that is the centerpiece of the control room.

Set on two and a half acres of Southern California countryside the studio is housed in a modern ranch style home that features a large tracking room for drums. In fact, live tracking a full band here is easily accomplished. The control room can accommodate a half dozen people comfortably and so can the house itself. This allows bands to live at Hell's Half Acre while working, which creates an energy focused atmosphere that eliminates commuting and fuel expenses. Additionally the "Acre" can accommodate your band's van, R.V. or trailer without parking hassles or costs. The house features a well appointed modern kitchen, laundry facilities, wood-burning stove, B.B.Q. grill and patio, a great board game collection and regulation horseshoe pitch.

The final touch on any recording is a great mastering job and with Hell's Half Acre mastering guru Michael Hateley at the helm, we deliver top notch results. Michael's body of work is extensive and he gives his all to make sure that your recording sounds amazing. It's not just about being "loud", it's about allowing your music to breath and sound its fullest. Michael gets it. Just look at the long list of credits he has built over the years both with us and as a staff mastering engineer at Warner Brothers. You'll find a selected discography for him on our 'Mastering' page here at the website.

Give Steve's website radio station a listen while you're here and check out what the he's been working on. Feel free to subscribe to Steve's blog "Producer's Workshop" and follow him on Twitter and Facebook. Hell's Half Acre also has a Facebook page you can follow for updates and information.

If you are interested in using Hell's Half Acre for your band's next recording, email us from the website's contact page and we'll get you a quote. We deliver Word Class results at affordable rates.

Can't make it to us? No problem, we can take delivery of files for mixing or mastering from anywhere in the world via ftp.

Thanks for dropping by!